Funding for Two Year Olds

Some two-year-olds can take up fifteen hours of free childcare per week, subject to eligibility. If you feel you may be eligible please apply via this link

Funding for Three and Four Year Olds

The term after they become three, all children are entitled to fifteen hours of free childcare for 38 weeks per year. Please see my policies page for more information

My funding policy

Working Parents

Some children are eligible for extended funding, up to thirty hours, if both parents work a minimum of sixteen hours per week each. Single working parents may also be eligible. For more information on all the above please visit this link


EYPP (Early Years Pupil Premium)

Morris Minors may be able to claim additional funding once for a 3/4-year-old child depending on eligibility. This money is for the setting to spend in a way which will benefit your child.

DAF (Disability Access Fund)

If your child is in receipt of disability learning allowance and receives funding, we may be able to able to apply for some additional funding for the setting to provide any additional support, training or resources which may be required.